It's been quite awhile since I've written. But, Diego's office sent out a newsletter stating how Diego wants to so very much to write in this and now I've been guilted into complying.
Last week, I went to Dallas to find a house with Diego. We found one and it is GORGEOUS! I'm ecstatic. It is completely brick, which has always been my Southern fantasy. The kitchen is humongous, which is a definite necessity with my constant need to bake.
Besides finding the house, Diego and I got to make up for all those months and months of dates we'd gone without. Our usual babysitter left for college in May, and since then, we've not been out. It was so much fun to pretend that we were young and newly married again, without kids. We dressed up for romantic meals, dressed in leather for a rodeo, and dressed in sweats as we cuddled. It's amazing how much you can realize your need and love for a person until you spend time away. Diego was so cute and protective, constantly trying to show that I was his. He didn't need to. I already was. (I know, I'll stop the mush, but cut me some slack, I was in major dating bankruptcy). Diego was so cute and had a Texas Longhorns sweatshirt waiting for me, since he knew I'd be FREEZING! My gosh, I can't believe this Chicago girl has gotten so spoiled by weather. I seriously believe my blood has thinned. I can't imagine anymore what it was like as a little girl going to school in -10 degrees with -20 windchill--the snow crusted over with ice.
Diego has embraced Texas as he has with any place we've lived. He lived in the same place for almost all of his life and so the idea of moving is difficult for him. He embraces and becomes apart of wherever it is that we live. I'm always amazed how he knows more things about a city than the locals. I, on the other hand, have never really placed roots so I'm actually ready to leave. My father calls it the "2-year itch." We moved about that often all through my growing up.
Diego and I both came to Miami for Thanksgiving. My mom made the turkey and I went a little crazy on the desserts: pecan pie, lemon merengue pie, pumpkin cheesecake, and double chocolate brownies. Needless to say, I swear I gained back all the weight I had just lost to be able to fit into those suede pants in Dallas.
Corbin made the Principal's Honor Roll the other day. We are SO proud of him. That kid is so fricken smart! I'm a little nervous that his new school in Dallas won't have a gifted program for him. But, he's just so friendly and bright, that I know he'll make it no matter what. Gavin has been obsessed with WALL E. I think he's watched it 20 times in the last week. But, I don't mind. That movie is so cute and I also have a horrible habit of crying at Disney movies. The part when EVE tries to make WALL E remember by holding his hand and his fingers tighten and they...well anyways, I cry. I cry in Cars too. I'm such a loser. Gavin also believes that he is Indiana Jones. He puts on his hat and grabs his whip, waving it at pretend spiders and snakes. Though, since he seems to hate clothes, he ends up usually being Indiana Jones in underwear. Well, this will have to do. I have to run and get Corbin.

Who is more terrible?